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for Equine & Small Animals


As a veterinarian-owned, outpatient imaging center in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we offer high-quality imaging services and interpretations for dogs, cats, horses, and some exotic animal species as well as teleradiology services to local and distant practices.
Veterinary Ultrasound

Caring and Empathetic Staff

Our team treats our patients as if they were their own pet and will ensure they are as comfortable as possible during their visit. 

Our Team

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Utilizing some of the most advanced equipment and technology available, our board-certified doctors are able to see abnormalities, clarify findings, and provide a detailed report in a timely manner.


Veterinarian Managed

Being veterinarian managed allows us to stay unbiased in our commitment to providing the best specialty care available for our patients. Fast and accurate diagnostic imaging without bias. 

About Animal Imaging

Join Our Team

At Animal Imaging, we value and care about our veterinarians and staff as much as we do for our patients and it shows in our collaborative and supportive work environment. Want to join our growing team?


Latest Case Studies


Canine Bone Scan

Orville is a 6 year old, male, neutered boxer that presented to Animal Imaging with a history of a left forelimb lameness of 3 weeks duration. Recent radiographs of the forelimb (shoulder, elbow, carpus, digits) were unremarkable.

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Feline Ultrasound

A 12 year old, female spayed American Shorthair cat presented to Animal Imaging for an abdominal ultrasound after increased liver enzymes were noted on recheck bloodwork.

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