What is a CT?

CT, or computed tomography, is a computer-processed imaging modality that combines a series of radiograph images, taken from different angles around a specific area of interest, to produce highly detailed cross-sectional images. These images provide much greater detail and information than plain radiographs (x-rays). Animal Imaging is one of the few locations where a skull CT can be performed in a standing sedated patient, thereby avoiding general anesthesia.

Common reasons for a CT Scan at Animal Imaging include:

  • Trauma or fracture evaluation of the skull
  • Nasal mass or chronic nasal drainage
  • Chronic dental issues or tooth extraction planning
  • Head shaking
  • Sepsis or osseous abnormalities in foals
  • Pre-surgical planning

What to Expect

Upon arrival at our facility, please check in with the front desk. A staff member will greet you to discuss the procedure and answer any questions you may have. A veterinarian will then perform a physical examination on your horse, prior to administering the sedation. The time of the examination may vary somewhat depending on the time needed to achieve the optimal level of sedation and what may be needed for each particular case.

Following the CT Scan, one of our board-certified radiologists will review all the images and submit a final report within 24-48 hours of the exam. Once the report is complete, a copy will be sent to your referring veterinarian. Clients should follow up with their referring veterinarian for explanation of results and information on treatment and management.

We are here to help.

At Animal Imaging, our passion is providing the best care and information to you and your veterinarian.
We are proud to have a dedicated team of board-certified veterinary radiologists available for your pet.

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