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What is a Radiologist?

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Animal Imaging is proud to have four board-certified veterinary radiologists in-house to assist with all imaging procedures performed on patients. Dr. Beth Biscoe, Dr. Rita Echandi, Dr. Sue Emerson, and Dr. Dana Neelis have all received their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and completed a residency program. This program involves 3 or more years of advanced training in diagnostic imaging.

Board Certified, and On-Site

Veterinary radiologists are part of the veterinary medical team. On a day-to-day basis, our radiologists are helping to perform an imaging examination, doing an ultrasound examination or interpreting a variety of images, which are now primarily digital. Our radiologists are available to help to refer veterinarians decide which imaging modality is best for a patient and works closely to help determine the problem. Because our radiologists are on-site, they are available to see images being taken in real-time to help give the best diagnosis possible.

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