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Radioactive Iodine Therapy – FAQ

Can I bring any toys, bedding, food, etc. for my cat?

We recommend that you bring your cat’s regular diet so that we can maintain him/her on what you normally feed at home, although we can provide food if necessary. Toys and bedding are permitted, but due to the radiation levels in the I-131 therapy area, those items will be discarded at the end of your cat’s stay.

Will my cat experience any side effects from the drug?

Very rarely (approximately 2% of treated cats) cats may become hypothyroid after the administration of I-131. In such cases, these cats can return to normal with supplementation of thyroid medication. Some cats may experience a few weeks of lethargy after returning home. These side effects are rare and the benefits of treatment far outweigh the risks of no treatment at all.

Can I visit my cat during his stay?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow visits during your cat’s stay due to the radiation levels. We do, however, encourage you to call and check on your cat’s status as often as you like.

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